Community Spirit

As a small business making quality products, we wanted to make the most of the current Coronavirus situation, and do something positive and beneficial for the community. In March 2020, we were one of the first spirit companies in the country to receive HMRC and Hertfordshire Trade Standards Qualifications.

The first completed batch of about 200 bottles were donated to the parish, and were distributed to households by the Ardeley Parish Support Volunteers.

Community Appreciation

At Old Vodka we received a handful of emails and letters by the local community expressing their appreciation for our support.

“Thank you for all your efforts, dedication and generosity in making and arranging for the distribution of a free bottle of hand sanitiser to every household in the parish.”

Ardeley Parish Council

“It is very much appreciated and I hope that that the residents of Cottered come together to support your business.”

“I work for the NHS and I have been spreading the words to my friends and colleagues of what you are doing to help- thank you again.”

“We just wanted to thank you very much for the Hand Sanitiser we found on our doorstep. This was an extremely kind gesture and one for which we were both very grateful.”

Local Residents